About us

The first edition of the Mogadishu Marathon took place in 2017 . It marked the beginning of a new era for Somali runners as it was the first marathon organized after outbreak of civil war in the 90s. With the idea of bringing people together through the shared passion of running, Jody Bragger, CEO of Midnight Runners, initiated the first edition of the Mogadishu Marathon. Together with logistical support from the British Army and the UN Mission stationed in Somalia, he held the event in honor of Samia Yusuf Omar, a professional Somali sprinter, who drowned during her attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

Based on the previous success, this year’s edition aims to increase the visibility, accessibility, and impact of the event. By emphasizing our vision that everyone, wherever in the world, should be able to run, we want to bring Somalia into the spotlight of the global running community. 


Our mission is to connect the Somali running community to each other and the world through the shared passion of running. 


We envision a world where everyone, no matter where they are, can enjoy the freedom of running.