Running in the Heat of Battle

The race that defies convention. Welcome to Edition 5. 

Since the outbreak of violence in the 90s, Somalia’s citizens suffer under the harsh consequences of an ongoing civil war. The security situation in the capital city is tense and the freedom of movement limited. The Mogadishu Marathon challenges this status quo. It brings together local Somali athletes, international runners, and inspiring individuals through the shared passion for running. Together, we make a statement to the world: Running and the freedom to run is for everyone!

The 2021 Race

Mogadishu is not a normal city and this is not a normal race. The logistics of putting this event on are challenging and therefore many of the aspects of a traditional race do not exist. There are no big sponsors, no chip timing system and we cannot guarantee you will know your exact placing. What we lack in execution we make up for in a feeling that this race brings hope, progress and change in a corner of Africa that is often portrayed as a place of only negativity.

For editions 3 and 4, due to a number of local factors, there was no full marathon, just a 5km, 10km and Half Marathon with no full marathon.